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Original Owner and Inventor of the Saturn Shredder and SSI International Shredder Lines. Secondary Owner/Supplier of Eidal Vertical Shredder, Duerr Wood Chipper, Cougar Wood Chipper and Machete Wood Chipper Lines. Parts and Service for all waste processing equipment.

Worldwide Manufacturing and Consultation, Turnkey Manufacturing Systems, Industrial Equipment, Environmental and Recycling Equipment, OEM/OE Production Systems and Parts, Contract Engineering Design and Consultation, Domestic and Worldwide Sales and Marketing Services, Domestic and International OEM/OE Manufacturing Services, Import and Export Consultation and Coordination Services, and Strategic Planning, Appraisal Services, Equipment Location Services, Acquisition and Liquidation Services, Product Liability Evaluation Services, Product Design Evaluation Services.
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January 9, 2004

This is a partial list of the 4000 customers of GLOBAL CG GROUP who have purchased shredders, shredder parts, or consulting services:

1. Boeing Corporation
2. ADM
3. Merck Pharmaceutical
4. Mercedes Benz
5. Freightliner Group
6. City of Stamford Connecticut
7. City of Miami Florida
8. City of Louisville KY
9. Baker Rubber Polyteck Landstar
10. Sandia National Labs
11. Bergey Tire Pennsylvania
12. Greater Greenville Sanitation District
13. Bristol Myers Squibb
14. Hoffman Larouche
15. Marion Labs
16. Ultrapoly Recycling
17. Carlisle Plastic
18. Coletta Recycling
19. City of Atlanta
20. City of Chicago
21. Wisconsin Power and Light
22. General Motors
23. Dow Chemical
24. Ford Motor Company
25. Eastman Kodak
26. Highpoint Sanitation District
27. Utah Metal
28. Rasmusson Construction
29. Western Waste
30. Chip it All
31. Waste Management Inc.
32. Dupont
33. Upjohn Pharmaceutical
34. Colt Refining
35. Omni Products
35. Hitachi Heavy Industries
36. City of Odense Denmark
38. Stoke on Trent England
39. Pasqualinni Rubber Italy
40. Animat Canada
41. Westinghouse Hanford
42. Tennessee Valley Authority
43. Olin Corporation
44. Scottdell Foam
45. Califoam
46. Material Processors Inc
47. Amoco Chemical
48. City of Sacramento California
49. Anhaeuser Busch Container Recovery Division
50. Coors Recycling
51. Recycled Rubber of Greece
52. Zhejiang Group China
53. MRI England
54. F and B Tire Recycling
55. Bodin Oil
56. INMETCO Group
57. ORFA Corporation
58. Mash Inc
59. Willamantic Waste
60. Ravenswood Disposal
61. Shoreline Industries
62. Vantage Plastic
63. Acorn Tire Processing
64. Cycletech Tire Processing
65. Dominon Tire
66. Unlimited Resources
67. OMNI Products
68. Boston Recycling
69. Chemical Waste Management
70. Ciby Geigy
71. Ogden Martin
72. Great Western Carpet
73. Zanker Resources
74. Excel TSD
75. U Shred It
76. AMG Resources
77. Exide Battery
78. Garmatter Salvage
79. LWD Inc
80. ARI Tire Recycling
81. Rollins Environmental Services
82. Dayco Corporation
83. Tooele Army Depot
84. Ensco Arkansas

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